WIN micronetworks are a central concept in the new WIN model of networking. It is our way of connecting the various groups and membership organisations already operating in the region, and also plugging any apparent gaps by introducing new specialist groups.

For individuals who are already a member of an organisation supporting their sector or area, being part of a WIN micronetwok provides a way to connect with, learn from and promote themselves to a far wider network of women outside their sector or area, who can assist on a whole range of personal and professional issues. It basically extends their network tremendously but retains the security of their existing group.

For the actual groups or membership organisations themselves, becoming a WIN micronetwork is an excellent and cost-free way to promote the group, increase female membership, and deliver additional benefits to their members. WIN micronetworks retain their own identity and of course continue to run their own member activities; but they will also be included on the WIN website and communications as a WIN micronetwork with all associated benefits.

As well as working with existing groups, WIN micronetworks are also being created directly by our members as they uncover specific areas of interest for which they can’t find support elsewhere. The first network of this kind will focus on home-based businesses, and we expect this to launch in October 2009.

We are also in discussion with several groups and membership organisations across the region and will be announcing the launch of at least three of four WIN micronetworks over the coming months.

In the mean time, you can find more information about WIN micronetworks on our services page, or feel free to give us a call for a more detailed discussion on 0845 2699862.

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