1. Liz Bassnett, Push Creative

    It is great to be able to support the launch of WIN Ltd. We believe in WIN and the fantastic support they have given women in the North East. Win was my first port of call as a woman entrepreneur and certainly helped build my confidence
  2. Donna Wilson, Logistics Teesside Ltd

    Winning the Susan Dobson Award is an honour I will never forget. To be counted amongst the nominees and previous winners was a place I would never have put myself, but it made me look at my business and myself in a completely different perspective, giving me the confidence to take on new and even more exciting challenges.
  3. Delyth Raffell, Twins UK

    Winning the [Best Newcomer] award has been an extremely positive experience for myself, my staff and my company and has led to tangible business benefits including a significant increase in sales and membership.
  4. Jayne Graham, Founding Director, 20:20 Consulting

    The new WIN is taking the chance out of networking and making it more likely that I will find the right people to add real value to my business. Having strong and effective networks is a vital part of growing my business, and WIN is definitely a community within which I can both contribute to other members, and also gain a great deal to help take my business to the next level
  5. Amanda Galbraith, Pebbles Gallery, Northumberland

    I know the awards are coming up again and I just wanted to say ... this is a marvelous event and a fantastic opportunity to meet inspirational woman in our region. Winning runner up in the cultural section for setting up and running Pebbles Gallery was a wonderful time for me, I was so surprised and humbled and completely inspired to go on over the next year to set up a new business as a business consultant.
  6. Ruth Winden, Director, Careers Enhanced Ltd

    With WIN, networking becomes a real pleasure: the events buzz with excitement, the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, the diversity of businesses is breathtaking, and the calibre of women entrepreneurs is inspiring. Being part of WIN makes perfect sense: it’s good for your business, and it’s good for your soul. If I had to name one network that’s worth joining in the North East, it would have to be WIN!

  7. Susan Latimer

    I really wanted to give you some feedback on the Art for Art’s Sake group @ Live on Tuesdays. Whilst the workshops on their own have been fun, challenging and full of energy, the networking afterwards has been fabulously rewarding. I've worked with all sorts of groups before with lots of good outcomes however perhaps because we've done the workshop together its filtered out any barriers and the interaction on shared values, whether business or social has been great. Well done to WIN on taking the chance on this route, I've already found it more useful than the more obvious business networking opportunities I've been to in the past.

  8. Louise Turnbull, Bump Buddies

    My first experience of networking was actually at an EWIN event in Lausanne Switzerland many years ago. Worked for Dow Chemical company and they were keen to show they were promoting women’s networking. We had a 2 day event which included attending workshops and it was awful. It was all power suits and card pushing. I couldn’t wait to leave and get a pair of jeans back on. Since then either with Dow or now with Bump Buddies Antenatal I have attended occasional formal networking events or training or informational events that have evolved into networking by chance. None have made me comfortable. So when I met my wonderful angel that is Deb McGargle and she recommended networking I got a shudder and dropped that part of the conversation from my brain. I was convinced as a b2c business I would not benefit from networking. Then a few weeks later Deb sent me info about the Flippin Good Networking event. I couldn’t use the childcare excuse as was an evening session. I needn’t have worried. The event was relaxed, informal with amazing food. There were presentations from members but they were telling their stories, not giving the hard sell. The flipchart session was fun, again relaxed and although I went in with no real idea of what I wanted I came away with a website designer, an EFT therapist, some fantastic connections and most importantly friends. There was no pressure to sign up to WIN at any time and still hasn’t been (will be my reward to self when I get my first class booked) and I actually got really excited to attend WIN Wednesday. So thank you all. I’m almost certain Bump Buddies wouldn’t still be here today without Deb and the WIN ladies and that is not an overstatement.


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